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ONE OF A KIND, affordable, but extensive, fully interpreted (interactive via audio) automotive oil analysis service kit available to the consumer. New FDM  or GC fuel dilution replace the out of date FTIR or flash point testing technique. This results in greatly improved fuels dilution reading of your lubricant. The kit allows Terry to tune the sampled unit, all for one low price.


Engines, transmissions, gearboxes, differentials and automatic transmission units can benefit from this service. Broad-based test package used for DysonAnalysis formulating screens are  D5135  elemental metals currently 21 with plans to go to 32,  D445 kinematic viscosity @ BOTH 40C and 100C,  D2270 viscosity index,  E2412 TAN, TBN, JOAP IR indexing for oxidation, nitration, anti-wear, sulfation, glycol,soot. Water via KF.  


For customer convenience round trip shipping is included in Advanced price for 48 contiguous states of USA, with trackable return shipping USPS Priority Mail for faster turnaround time. No fighting with the post office or paying needlessly high shipping fees. Non-continental USA customers email us at dysonanalysis@gmail.com before ordering for shipping cost to add to your order total. 


Cost for the Dyson Advanced Analysis report is $149. Payment by Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover Credit Cards as well as through your Paypal Account. To pay by check, Make out to : DysonAnalysis, PO BOX 403 Fort Davis, Texas 79734.  PDF and Audio report results are emailed to speed turn-around time. Check your spam folder since these are enclosures!


Use your credit card, debit card or PayPal to order your pre-paid sample bottle, sample data sheet and Priority mailer by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below. They will be sent to you by USPS and will arrive in about seven days in the continental USA & fourteen days internationally. 


Shipping internationally and/or EXPEDITED orders ... contact DysonAnalysis FIRST for pricing.