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Confused car owner? Single parent trying to get that old used car to last another year or two? Unemployed but must keep that car running a little longer? New car owner and confused on what the dealer is telling you? Been declined warranty repairs?


Want your car to last longer, get better MPG, KNOW what is going on internally to your engine, transmission or differential? 


Order DysonAnalysis Oil Analysis Service TODAY to see empirical data/evaluation that will reveal what your mechanic, dealer and warranty may not be able to tell you about keeping your auto running in top condition.


Wonder about that oil brand you are using? How good it really is and where you can find empirical, unbiased data on it? See our Services & Packages list for more details and information.

DysonAnalysis is an independent and proprietary lubricant analysis and testing consult service. An overlooked unique aspect of our service is Terry Dyson's ability to fine-tune your engine.